We Celebrate Our Lord (Adonai) and Savior (Moshia’)

Covenant (Brit) Ministries is the heart of Levi Webb Ministries, founded by Pastor Levi Webb.  Our vision is to see lives transformed all over the world.  We exist to see the truth of God’s word come to life in the hearts and minds of people.  Our ministries are different vehicles used to help us fulfill our purpose.

  • To teach God’s Word and make it a reality with the help of the Holy Spirit. To see people live God’s Word and allow God’s Word to be made flesh (alive) in them.
  • To teach God’s Word to bring true reconciliation between Blacks and Whites, and true restoration of biblical truth – through our Jewish roots – in Yahshua The Messiah, who is known as Jesus Christ.

Our Church is Brit Congregation.  It is a place where you can enter into the presence of God through dynamic worship which will cultivate your heart for the dynamic teachings of the word of God.  It will prepare you to find your place in the body of Messiah so you can do the work of God in the earth. At Covenant we have a growing family oriented church, an evangelical church, a mission oriented church, a church built on the Word, building singles, marriages, family, and congregational relationships.