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Together We Stand

Brit Ministries’ International Fellowship (BMIF) is a fellowship of pastors and ministers that have come into covenant relationship with each other.  We are not a denomination!  That is not our goal or purpose.  Our goal is to help each minister, pastor, and ministry/congregation to become a ministry/congregation of excellence in what God has called each minister or pastor.

To enable this to happen we are loyal one to Yahweh (God) and to another.  Loyalty is “a heart commitment to a person or vision; a strong allegiance or affection for someone or something.”  A loyal person does not do what he or she does solely for personal gain/benefit, but out of a well-developed sense of responsibility before Yahweh to a person or a vision.  We are to walk in unity by the Holy Spirit.  We are to speak the Truth in love and avoiding ministers and pastors that divide (Matthew 7:15; Acts 20:20-35; 2 Peter 2:1-3, 10-22)

I met Dr. Webb in 1994. In 1998 Almighty told me to join myself with him. Five (5) years later he was instrumental in helping me to get my building.

Rabbi K.C. Griffin, Bethel New Covenant, Tampa Florida

Many of us have been increased (blessed) by Dr. Webb. He is always trying to increase others and is not looking at what is in it for himself. He is always looking to help others to grow.

Pastor Clifton Collins, Covenant Family Fellowship, Ellicott City, MD

Over the past 30 plus years Dr. Levi Webb has been traveling and spreading the words of Yahweh. Dr. Webb is a true and dedicated servant of God.

Apostle James Ham, Jr., End Time Ministries. Camden County, GA.

Our Mission

To be a ministry of excellence to influence and impact the world with the gifting, talents, anointings, callings, Truth, skills, and the purposes that Yahweh God put in us as individuals and as a corporate people or fellowship.

Our Purpose

To be loyal to God, to be Messiah centered or focused, to be lovers of Truth in Yahweh’s Word, and to be loyal to the good leaders and members of the fellowship.

Featured Members

Pastor Mark Hannah

R Church

Salisbury, MD


Pastor Clifton Collins

Covenant Family Fellowship

Ellicott City, MD


Pastor K. C. Griffin

Beth-el New Covenant

Tampa, FL


Brit Ministries’ International Fellowship of Pastors and Ministers is an outreach with a vision to do three things:

  • To support, teach and train its own leaders – ministers and pastors from the Word first, and also through personal experiences, along with seminars, bible college, books, CD’s, DVD’s, YouTube, and personal discipleship giving birth to sons, daughters, ministry gifts and co-labors, and such
  • To help other ministers and pastors with wisdom, love, faith, hope giving guidance to new and already established congregations around the world crossing denominational lines who want to come into covenant with us.
  • To help support each of its own congregations by: Teaching practical principles according to the Word of God to change members/people lives through the local congregations. We will accomplish this through prayer, faith and having seminars, revivals, services, missions and such as much as each congregation needs. To further the cause we will use books and tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, and establish bible curriculums, schools and/or colleges in each state that is needed.  And we will also commit to teach each member the importance of covenant relationship, so they will want to support each other in prayer, faith, their gifting, and talents, along with their love through finances [seedtime and harvest] and such as God directs them.

When Yahweh wants to bless you, he puts a special person in your life.  Many of us have been increased (blessed) by Dr. Webb’s teaching, by his wisdom, and his ability to help people make decisions to create the future they desire.  In Pastor Webb’s presence people are celebrated and not tolerated.  Praise Almighty for the Gift he is to the body.  He is always trying to increase others and is not looking at what is in it for himself.  He is always looking to help others to grow.  Through Pastor Webb and Brit Ministries International Fellowship of Pastors and Ministers you receive an extend network of ministry partners.

Pastor Clifton Collins, Covenant Family Fellowship, Woodlawn, MD


Join Our Community of Pastors

If you are looking for Biblical Covenant with other pastors and ministers then you want to be a part of us. If you are tired of being prostituted or used by others then you want to be a part of us. If you want someone to care about you the person along with your call as a pastor you want to be a part of us. Over the years BMIF has assisted numerous ministries spiritually and organizationally through trainings (Covenant Bible College, seminars, and counseling) and individually tailored support.  The support provided is based upon your needs.