Brit International Fellowship of Pastors and Ministers

Our Vision is to be a ministry of excellence by influencing the world in which we live using the Truth, anointing, gifts, talents, callings,  skills, and purposes Yahweh God has placed in us as individuals and corporately.

Our PURPOSE is to be loyal to God; to be Messiah-centered (focused); to be lovers of the Truth of Yahweh’s Word; and to be loyal to the good leaders and members of the fellowship. 

 Loyalty is “a heart commitment to a person or vision; a strong allegiance or affection for someone or something.” A loyal person does not operate with selfish motives, but out of a well-developed sense of responsibility toward a person or vision.

 We walk in unity by the Holy Spirit and speak the Truth in love avoiding pastors, ministers and leaders that incite division (Matthew 7:15; Acts 20:20-35; 2 Peter 2:1-3, 10-22).

BMIF  Mission

• Support, teach and train its own leaders, ministers and pastors from the Word, first and foremost, and through personal experiences, seminars, bible college, books, audio/video aids, and personal discipleship thereby giving birth to sons, daughters, ministry gifts, co-labors, etc.

• Support each of its own congregations by teaching practical principles according to the Word of God to change lives throughout each congregation. This will be accomplished through prayer, faith, seminars, revivals, services, missions and such as need arises for each congregation. To further the cause we will utilize books and audio/video aids and establish bible curriculums, schools and/or colleges in each state that is required. We are committed to teach each member the importance and mutual characteristics of a covenant relationship with each other so they will want to support one another in prayer, faith, gifts, and talents, as well as finances [seedtime and harvest] and such as God directs them.

• Assist ministers and pastors, as well as new and established congregations outside of the Fellowship and around the world through offering wisdom, love, faith, hope, and guidance; thereby crossing denominational lines and developing covenant relationship.